Which Upgrade Bulbs are best for me?

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There are many different brands and types of upgrade headlight bulbs to choose from. Most fall into one of three categories:

·         Performance Products

·         Styling products

·         Longevity Eco products

The bulb that is best for you is influenced by your style of driving and the colour of light you are looking for.

Performance Products

These bulbs are typically designed to offer maximum light output onto the road. This is achieved by using a xenon gas within the bulb, this allows the filament to burn brighter which in turns gives out the extra light.

This extra performance does come at a cost; performance bulbs do have a reduced lifespan, slightly less than a standard bulb.

We recommend Philips X-Treme Vision bulbs as a performance upgrade Product. This bulb gives 100% more light than a standard OE Philips bulb and offers a longer life span than its predecessor.

Styling Products

These bulbs offer a styled look, most closely resembling that of Xenon HID bulbs. This look is achieved by a blue filter on the bulb glass. Tinting of a bulb reduces its light output.

We recommend Philips Blue Vision Ultra for those looking to replicate the Xenon look. These bulbs offer 30% more light than a standard OE bulb

Eco/Longevity products

These are environmentally friendly bulbs that can last up to 4 times longer than a standard bulb; this can equate to up to 100,000km more driving with one pair of bulbs.

We recommend Philips Longlife EcoVision for those looking for the longest life span. These bulbs can last 4 times longer than standard. Furthermore Philips EcoVision consume less power, so they may save you fuel too

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