Upgrading LED side/parking or interior lights

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The latest technology in vehicle lighting is LED. It's an exciting development as it provides a significant level of light output, fantastic colour and is also more environmentally friendly due to lower power consumption and greater longevity.

There are a range of LED replacement bulbs on the market that are designed to replace standard sidelights, parking lights and interior bulbs. Initially these options were restricted to the lower quality unbranded suppliers, however there are now range of quality upgrade LED lamps available from original equipment quality manufacturers such as Philips.

Are LED bulbs legal to use?

It's important to note that at present LED bulbs are not road legal to use in either sidelight or parking lights on a standard halogen headlight unit. They are legal to use in interior light applications.

Are they compatible with my car?

LED bulbs are available in the most common bulb fittings such as W5W (501) and C5W. As long as you purchase the correct fitting for your car then they will fit. You can use our online guide if you're not sure of which bulbs fit your car.

Will they cause any problems?

If your vehicle was manufacturered after 2005 then it is likely that the installation of an LED bulb will trigger a warning light on the vehicle's management system. This is because LED bulbs have a lower power consumption so the vehicle believes that the LED bulb is either failed or faulty.

Is there anyway around this?

We are informed that Philips and OSRAM are working on a range of canbus friendly LED products which will prevent this problem occuring. We'll update this guide as soon as more information on this is available.

How do I find out more?

Tke a look at our range of quality LED car bulbs.

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