Daytime Running Lights DRL the facts

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We have all seen the latest trend in car styling, the LED Light brow, but do we really know what they are for?

These LED light brows or Daytime Running Lights (DRL) are a legislative requirement on all newly designed cars and small vans; this has been true since February 2011. DRL kits are now also available, to be retro fitted to older vehicles.

Beyond styling, Daytime Running Lights serve a purpose. These lights improve road safety during daylight hours, making the vehicle more visible to pedestrians and other motorists. Studies have suggested that the use of DRL could save between 1,500 and 2,000 lives per year across Europe

Which should I Buy?

Retro fitment kits are widely available in online stores and in your local motor factors, with a huge selection of choice; but which is the best?

As with standard bulbs the level of quality is often reflected in price.  A cheap kit will be just that… manufactured on a budget. Carbulbsdirect recommends the Philips Daytime Running Lights.

Philips DRL are a German product, manufactured to exacting standards. These standards cannot be replicated by most budget brands. Inside A Philips DRL are Luxeon LED’s, these are the same LEDs used as standard in Audi’s factory fitted DRL.

Philips DRL products are available in 3 different sizes with 4, 5 or 8 Luxeon LED’s. All Philips Products purchased from Carbulbsdirect come with a free 12 Month warranty.

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