Are Blue Bulbs Better than Standard or Performance bulbs

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There are two distinct categories of upgrade bulbs, those for performance and those for Styling. Which you choose will depend on where and how you drive, alongside any aesthetic requirements.

Styling or Blue Bulbs

First let’s explain the technology. A blue bulb achieves a whiter light and a distinct blue colour in the headlight unit, by applying a blue filter to the glass.

Applying the filter reduces the light intensity, therefore a blue bulb cannot offer significant light gains over a standard bulb. Generally a light gain of around 30% is currently available with this technology.

The Filter alters the light output by blocking certain parts of the light spectrum creating an intense white light closely mimicking the colour output of factory fitted HID lights.

Performance Bulbs

Performance bulbs are designed to offer maximum, light currently up to and beyond 100% more light than a standard bulb. This is achieved through the minimal use of filters and innovations in filament design.

Are Blue Bulbs the best Choice for me?

If you are looking for the factory Xenon HID look without the problems of Retrofitted kits; Blue Bulbs such as Philips Blue Vision Ultra are the best choice for you. These bulbs have the closest colour comparison to a HID bulb. Furthermore they are fully road legal and will not pose any MOT problems.

If its Light output you are looking for a performance bulb will be your best option, Philips X-treme Vision Bulbs offer a 100% light gain over a standard OE bulb

Both Philips Products are available from Carbulbsdirect with a 12 month warranty

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